oily skin need more attention than other skin. Due to this, dust and dirt are very important. Because of which pimples and other types of problems can occur.  Before taking makeup cream, see how the skin will affect it. It is also common for this type of dwarf to have pimples. But you can also take care of your oily skin at home.

There are several reasons for the skin to be oily. After knowing these reasons, you will be able to manage your skin better. Oily also means that the skin can not get rid of the problem of oily skin, it is absolutely wrong. Why is skin oily and how to get rid of oily skin.

But the main question is why does our skin become oily?

 Excessive cleaning

If you feel that you can get rid of oily skin problem by washing face with a cleaner at regular intervals, then you are wrong. Dermatologist Dr. Sirisha Singh says, ” Regular washing of skin by cleanser often reduces the natural oil of the skin. To fulfill this shortcoming, the brain gives a message to the skin to produce more oil. That is, your effort to make your skin less oily makes it actually more oily. Using this too much chemical product would have been the same problem.

Do not clear makeup

If you have a passion for makeup then please do. But also add a habit of cleaning the makeup well before sleeping at night. The thick layer of makeup completely closes the hair follicles, result is that the skin becomes more oily. Such people whose skin is naturally oily and at the same time they sleep without cleaning the make-up, they have more problems with acne and acne etc. Think of your make-up product selection as well. Instead of buying any makeup product of your choice, always use the oil free make-up product.

 Let’sknow some successful prescriptions to take care of oily skin at home

1. Clean you face

Whenever you live outside somewhere in the day, dust and soil particles are accumulated on your face, which close the pores of your face skin, so you should definitely clean your face twice a day, and If you have come from outside somewhere then you should wash your face with a good face wash. This way, if you wash your face properly you can avoid oily skin.

2. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid oily skin 

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It is seen that lack of water of oily skin is also a reason, so if you want to avoid oily skin then keep yourself hydrate and focus on your diet. Avoid eating more smooth and oily substances in your daily diet. Include fruits and vegetables, reduce the intake of carbohydrate and sugar-containing foods, as it has been found in many studies that these substances contain oily skin. The volume increases so as much more water drunk as possible and Oil Free Make Your Skin

3. Use Face Pack 

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You can use a domestic face pack to avoid the oily skin. To make it, you should take 4 to 5 drops of lemon juice with half teaspoon orange juice or orange peel powder and half a teaspoon multani clay and half a teaspoon sandal powder with some drops of rose water Put together in the fridge for a while, the domestic recipe for the oily skin is ready.

After this you have to let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes on your face and then wash your face with water. This recipe is considered as the best remedy to remove the oil.

4. Honey scrub for oily skin 

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Besides, if you do not want to use any moisturizers then you can use honey for it. Honey is the best natural moisturizer, put it on face for 15 minutes and then wash it. Its remove the acne and blackness as well as removes the oil from your skin and makes it more flexible.

5. Egg whiteness reduces oil 

  • Remove the white part of an egg and rub it until it thickens. Then put on your skin. Let it dry and then wash it with warm water. Do this twice a week.
  • Take white part of an egg, then take half lemon juice into it and mix well. Put this mixture on your face. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes and then wash with hot water. It brings tension in the skin and absorbs excess oil.

6. Ice cubes

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You can also use ice cubes to remove access oil. You just have to take a ice cube and rub at your face till 1 minutes and get oil free look.

7. Use oil free moisturizer

You can use good moisturizers to avoid oily skin. It is necessary to moisturizer should be oil free. The reason for this is that when you moisturize your skin, the skin stops production of extra oil, so that there is no more oil in your oily skin, therefore you should use oil free moisturizers on your skin.

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