How to Take care of your health in winter season

Suddenly changing weather weakens the ability to fight our diseases. If they do not work in time, then the disease can be deep and deadly. skin care health care

The cold and dry winds of winter bring many problems from head to toe. Of course, it is also important to take care of yourself and how it is necessary in the cold weather.

1. Joints Pain

When the cold comes, our old forgotten pains also come back, especially one of the reasons for the joints is that the flexibility of the joints decreases in the cold.To keep it retaining, keep the joints warm. In cold weather you should massage especially for the back shoulders and chest in it is a better option. It can be done in both cold and hot ways. Relaxation will give you more relief by hot water, in cold weather. blood circulation increases faster and muscle strength is also strengthened.

2. Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair’s problem is a common problem in the cold,  If the time is not paid attention to the problem of this period, the result can be itching and even more, it can take the form of infections. Regarding celebrity beauty and makeup expert Shalini Yogendra Gupta says that dandruff causes a lack of nutrition in the hair, this is why the hair starts to look stale and lifeless. The  hair is harmful for hair too, instead of the same scaffy, the use of the silk scarf will be better. To help improve the health of your hair, some food habits will also be helpful. In your diet, protein vitamin A , Vitamin B1 and Vitamin  B12 these should be include in your diet.

3. Hand Care 

For keeping hands soft, massage the cream with warm water after removing the hands and feet apply moisturizer  skin becomes soft.

How to Take care of your health in winter season

Second Remedy

  • Take 1 tablespoon of rose water.
  • Add one tablespoon glycerine.
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Mix it well  and apply it on your hand and feet.

This remedy is make your hand soft and glowing.

4. Sunlight

The lights are also extremely necessary. On the day of the winter and the sunlight is also less. Some people also have problems of depression, because of this problem, people are frustrated Because the weather changes their mood is cured. So whenever the sun shows the maximum time spent in the sunlight.

5. Nail care

This season is also on the color of nails Influence. So just try some tips to make your nails beautiful.

1 Remedy

  • Avoid touching the water repeatedly in cold weather. Try it If this is not possible then after using the water, wipe the hands and apply moisturizer. At least one time per week just for 10 minutes put your fingers in warm water and Clean your nails.
  • Apply hand cream on your hands and wear gloves for one hour. With this, hands will get necessary moisture.
  • Nails need cutting and filing from time to time.
  • Filing should always be done in one direction, but do not do this work immediately after bathing or hand washing.

2nd Remedy

For the beauty of hands and nails,

  • Mix almond oil and honey with equal quantity.
  • And massage it with nails and cuticles.
  • After 10 minutes wipe with a wet towel.

6. Water

We do not feel thirsty in the winter, but it does not decrease the need of water in our body. Such a weakness by drinking less water can Problems like dry skin and dry mouth increase. At the same time air dryness causes the problem of respiratory bleeding and respiratory problems to avoid this, keep the humid fire in the room or maintain the required level of moisture in the room.


How to Take care of your health in winter season

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