In winter, our skin needs more care, because the cold winds in the winter have a great effect on the beauty. These days the skin becomes dry. If you want your beauty to remain festive even in winter, then just need a little care for it.

Use these following tips before bathing to make your skin soft and glowing :

1. Avoid bathing long in this season. Also, the use of soap should be minimized and scrub should not be used at all.

2. Do not keep bath time more than 10 minutes and use lukewarm water for it.

3. Use Moisturizing Cleanser instead of Soap. They do not curl the skin and do not harm.
4. If the skin is more sticky then use soapless cleanser.

In winter, the skin becomes so rudimentary and lifeless that even after applying lotions and cream, it seems rusty . In many people, it is also seen that because of excessive cold their face becomes black and the lifeless . Let’s know how to make your skin soft and shiny .

Take 1 tablespoon of glycerine and squeeze

  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice .
  • Mix it well and apply it on face.

This will keep your skin soft. You can even apply it on your hands and feet .

Lip Care In Winter


put honey, cream and saffron powder on the lips and leave for some time. This is a good lip balm . Regular use of which will break the lip and blackness. To keep the lips soft, it is better to apply almond oil regularly

Elbow Care

The elbow are dry in comparison to other parts in the body and become more lethargic in winter. If your elbows are rudimentary and black then use foot care tipsric in the curd and apply it on the elbows. Rinse the skin for 2-3 minutes and after that wash with water.

  • Add a little salt to mustard oil and can also rub on the skin of the elbows. After 2-3 minutes, wash with water.
  • With these solutions, your elbows will be soft and their color will improve.

Foot Care Tips

In winter, the feet have to be cared for in particular, because the edges break more during this season, so more attention is needed. If your edges are stern or if the edges are broken in the winter, then ue this tips .

  • once you take half a bucket of water in a week, add hydrogen paroxide, alum and shampoo and keep it in your feet for half an hour.
  • After that, scrub your ankles properly with the scrubber and then wipe the feet
  • Apply the Vaseline. Glycerin, lemon juice and rose water at equal amount, put them on the feet every night.

If there is a crack in the ankles, then you can make a good paste by yourself, which can be corrected by filling in the cracks

  • 1 cup of mustard oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • cook it on a light flame

so that it becomes a thick paste. When the paste is hot, then it will be filled with cracks, it will greatly benefit you. This will keep the edges soft.

Hair Care Tips In Winter

Cold weather also has a bad effect on our hair Dandruff has a problem in hair

  •  Oncea week massage the head with the gooseberry oil or heat the coconut oil once or twice and apply it in the skin of the head.
  • Then soak one towel in hot water and squeeze it and wrap it around the head. Leave it for 5 minutes.
  • With this process, oil head is well absorbed in the skin and there is no possibility of dandruff and hair is healthy and strong. Keep balo always clean.

Wearing scarves and caps to protect hair from the adverse effects of cold winds in winter.




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