After pregnancy it seems very difficult to remove stretch marks on the stomach. Generally it can take several months for them to disappear automatically. Removing the outer layer of skin from the Laser surgery or Operation is a quick way to get rid of it, but it is very expensive.

By the way, newer technology comes with Stretch marks laser surgery has become very safe and there are no pain or side effects, but it is important that it be done under the supervision of the most trained and reputable medical professional whose track record is excellent.

According to each case, they may need to be completed in many sessions, so that the expenditure of whole stretch marks removal treatment can be reached in millions of rupees.

The method of removing stretch marks – but there are many home remedies that can be used to avoid the problems of laser surgery and its expenditure. These easy remedies do not show as much effect as surgery, but, It’s very safe. Its expenditure is almost non-existent. These things could easily be found in your home.

1. Egg White

There is a lot of protein in egg whiteness, which requires the associated skin proteins to be damaged by applying on the skin. – To try it, egg whiteness. Put on the stretch marks to dry for 15 to 30 minutes, then wash with a little water.

2. Potato Juice

It may sound weird, but potato juice has many properties that repair the skin. Stretch marks can be easily reduced by using it. It has been observed on regularizing that stretch marks decrease in 6-8 weeks. To apply it, apply potato slices on Stretch Marks and after washing the juice for 15 minutes, wash it with a little water. Some people put potato juice on the stretch marks immediately after bathing. It benefits from this that Skin pores, which are exposed after bathing, absorb more vitamins and minerals in the juice of Potato and benefit better.

3. Lemon Juice

The juice of lemon has many medicinal and beautiful properties, but you know. Does the oil coming out of its peel have Healing properties? Lemon oil works in a way of estrogen and its anti-oxidant properties are very helpful in repairing and reducing the skin. – Lemon oil can be used to reduce stains and scratches on the skin. This also reduces stretch marks as quickly as possible and the use of skin is very fresh and fragrant.

4. Olive Oil

There are so many such qualities in olive oil that it must be on every kitchen and dressing table in every house. They are rich in Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids.  Olive oil is used to reduce daily stretch marks. This does not make the stretch marks disappear, but it reduces their appearance and prevents new marks from flourishing.

Put olive oil on your skin immediately after bathing. Do this once in a day. Rubbing it on your palms, letting it be heated to the oil and apply in the affected area.

5. Aloe Vera 

Stretch Marks will not disappear by using Aloe vera but it is helpful to lighten them down. Along with this, it also moisturizes the skin, so that stretch marks do not grow. It also provides relief in occasional itching in Stretch Marks.

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