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Acne can be anyone. It is often more frequent in teenage life because there are many changes in our body in adolescent age and due to these changes, acne occurs on the face of adolescent-infants many times. At this age acne looks very dirty on the face and its very frustrating .acne on the face it seems like  stain in the moon .


Why is acne and pimples ?

When oil or dead skin cells fill up in our skin teas, it is the main cause of acne .

Due to acne

Acne can be due to many reasons, mainly due to eating outdoors, eating more fried foods, changes due to aging in the body, touching the face of dirty hands, clean the face at the right time .

Let’s know how to get pimples, acne free skin


Aloe vera gel

we can get a pure gel from Aloevera . The gel is often added to lotions and skin-based creams. There is a regular substance inside the Aloe Vera, which helps in acne elimination.

How to apply

  • Take a aloevera and cut from the middle.
  • Apply that gel directly on the skin.
  • Keep 15-20 minutes and wash the face with water thoroughly.
  • Apply it twice a day

Multani mitti and rose water .

Multani soil has many benefits and it is also very helpful in eliminating acne. Gulab water helps very much in cleaning our skin deeply. The mixture of both of them will help you to return the lost beauty of your face and to eliminate acne.


  • Take 2 tablespoon of multani mitti .
  • Tae ke rose water according to multani mitti and mix it well .
  • Put this mixture well on your face .
  • Keep work from work 20-25 minutes on your face.Wash your face with pure water after drying completely.

You will know the difference by applying it once in the day .

gram flour ( besan) and orange peel

The orange food is said to be very good for the skin. But many people know that there can be many benefits from the peels of this too.


  • Take out the orange peel and dry well in the sun.
  • Make it powder after drying.
  • Take a mixture of this powder in the gram flour and mix it together.
  • Mix this mixture into rose water and put it on the skin.
  • Keep 15-20 minutes and wash it well with water.
  • Put it 1-2 times a day .


Snow will help to remove acne from the following methods.

  1. Drying of snow will reduce the swelling of the pimples.
  2. With swelling low, acne will soon go away from the face.
  3. However, due to the application of ice, it will increase for a while, but the dryness of the acne will decrease if dry.
  4. The pain will also  decrease


  • First wash your skin well .
  • Bind the ice into a clean shell . Never put ice directly above acne .
  • Then keep it above acne for about 1 minute . Do not keep longer than this .
  • After drying you will start to feel the difference .
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