In the winter season the skin looks rigid and lifeless. In such a situation, make-up has to be thought out. Party, wedding or any other function, special preparation is necessary for this season to be ready.

But we will tell you some easy tips that will take a few minutes and will you very beautiful and completely different.

1. Base Makeup

  •  Firstly clean your skin with a good cleaning milk.
  • Whatever the cold outside, use only the foundation or moisturiser that has a high volume of SPF.
  • Use only cream base foundation in cold weather and mix it well, foundation should always match the skin tone.
  • Base and compact powder Blend well.

Do not use too much base makeup because it will have some effect rather than looking beautiful.

2. Eye Liner

  • Makeup experts always recommend focus on eye decoration in the cold.
  • Unlike the commonly used black color, choose Chocolate Brown, Jungle Green or Navy Blue as your Eye Liner.
  • Using charcoal liner or chocolate brown eye pencil above the eyelids, your eyes will look different from the crowd.
  • Use the mascara, liner closely on the eyes .

3. Eye Shadow

  • In this  season Give your eyes a smokey look .
  • Smokey eyes gives you hot and bold look.
  • In cold weather, light shades are usually used in bright colors.
  • The gray egg shadow helps in maintaining a different kind of attractive look .

4. Lipstick

In this season, lips are very tilted, so keep the lip balm always on the lips, it will make your makeup easily.

  • The color you can experiment with the most in winter is Red.
  • Whatever your skin tone looks good on every face of red.  The red color lipstick sprouts on every dress. This gives rise to the face.
  • Pink, Meron and Brown Colors also look good in this season

After applying lipstick, use the right type lip liner to make your makeup bloom.


  • Now put a little blush on the cheeks These are you.
  • The amount in which you use the bronzer during the summer, it is not right to experiment with the amount of cold in the days of cold .

Fresh gives the look. Try some new hairstyle.

Follow these some tips to get a fresh and glam look.


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