Nails are an important part of your beauty and you can do many experiments with it. If we talk about accessories, nowadays the Nail Art is becoming very famous, putting it on hand with it hands also look beautiful. Girls look attractive and it is very easy to make a very stylish nail.

In this article you will know that how to make nail art with simple and easy steps.

1. Floral Nail Art

These patterns are wonderful and its beauty comes out after having a funnel manicure.

For This Design

You can put a sky color nail paint on your fingernails, then you can make the flowers from a thin brush with a white nail paint. After the drying of the design, put a final coat and stick some stones.

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2. Red Sand Nail Art

It’s look good for girls who have long nails.

 ForThis Deasgine

To apply this design you need a red matte nail stomach and some glitter. First paint the red color nail and then paste the glitter with the help of sponge. Put a coat to give the final touch.

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3. Polka Dott Nail Art

A lot of trending polka dot nail art are going on nowadays.

For This Desgine

you need a nude nail color on which you make a polka dot with the help of white nail color. You can use a tooth pick to make this design. Baby Pink and White Nail Paint. Combination can also be used for this design. Although there are no rules in it, you can make polka dot designs of any color. You can also try the rest of the Combination Combination Black and White. Apart from this, you can also make accessories such as bo or glass.

4. Animal Nail Art

Nowadays, the animal print is very trendy and most of the trend is leopard print. There are no restrictions in this. What fingerprints do you print on the finger, though it is advised that it should be worn in a ring finger.


To make this design, especially the brushes come in the market. Apart from this, designs of animal print are also present in the markets.

5. Aquarium Nail Art

If you want to feel Aquarium, then this nail art design will be very great. Aquarium Nail Art designs are one of the best designs.

In this design Blue Crystal looks very beautiful. Nude color is good for the appearance of water, then you can apply glitter with the help of cotton or sponge.

6. Striped Nail Art

design also looks very total and it is also very easy to apply. You can take any color combinations for it and make any fun design.

7. Mix and Nail Art

If you have a shortage of accessories or funky shades, then you can put the mix and match on the nails beautifully. In this, the combination of colors means a lot. The rest can make different designs on each nail according to your style statement.

8. Glitter Nail Art

The specialty of this nail art is that it is very easy to apply and it takes your bold look.

For this desgine

put your favorite nude shade on the nails and apply sponge to glitter and apply it on your fingernails. After its drying you can flatten your nails by putting one more coat.

If you have creative mind and you love art then You can do many experiments with it.

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