We all like to do eye make-up and smoky eye makeup is the first choice of every female, because this make-up only adds glamor to their appeal, as well as attracts the viewer as well.  This makeup suits all kinds of dresses. This smoky eye makeup remains beautiful as well as in fashion, but most of us have trouble how to make a smoky eye makeup? Since it seems hard to make eye makeup. Just think, if you can do smoky eye makeup sitting on your own home, you can save your hard-earned money and time. That’s why I am sharing with you today that how to do it by your self.

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1. Choose Color

To give a smoky look to the eyes, it is most important to choose the right colors. The use of any color is not correct, for Smokey Eye, you should choose colors according to dress and party theme. Select at least three colors, this will make the class look.

You can also choose black and gray color if you wish. Apart from this, combinations of Brown and Bronze also look good.

2. Apply a concealer

Before giving a smoky look to the eyes, place the concealer so that the dark circles lying around the eyes do not shine separately. Select Concealer’s Light Shade. Mineral makeup foundation is best for this, because it does not hide from the deep dark spots. In addition, after applying it, Smokey makeup can be easily done on the eyes

3. Select Powder

If you have selected black, brown or gray color for Smokey Imaging, then apply it on your eyes.  If eyes If you are younger you can also use the eyeliner. By applying the liner in length, the eyes will look bigger – bigger.

4. Use medium tone

Nowadays, the use of medium tone in the smoky look in the eyes is in much more trend.

5. Fluffy Blending Brush

Use the Fluffy Blending Brush to give a smoky look on the eyes. Use the dark shade on the lash line. Sharp the look of the eyelids a little. This will make the look more hot and glamorous.

6. Highlight the eyebrow

Highlight your eyebrow to give a smoky look. This will make up the makeup.

7. Apply Mascara

To provide a smoky look, it is necessary to put many coats of Mascara. This will bring lightness to the eyelids. And it will look quite dark. If you want, the eyelids can curl too.

To follow this some easy steps you can easily make your eye make-up and looks hot and glamourous.

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