How to Contour Your Face in Easy Steps at Home

An amazing part of makeup is called contouring, which is used by well makeup artists. This is an art where makeup shapes and curves are made on your face with the help of make-up. This changes the face structure of your face. For example, if your face is round, with the help of contouring you can make your face tall.

Women who want to look beautiful, they should be aware of some of the ways to look attractive. You must have seen your favorite star or actress dressing up on the face. All of us do not have the art of doing makeup properly so that we can look beautiful. We have some accessories of make-up such as foundation, face powder, eye contact and lipstick  but this is not enough to show us attractive. Here the quality of our makeup and the skill of the experts play an important role.

 Making outline

The art of contouringng is very helpful in making a face uplift and giving it an accurate shape. The face that is not properly made, especially with a contouring makeup looks unattractive. To understand contouring, another outline is to arrange shadows on different angles of the face. These shadows are quite effective, because they bring the qualities of your face even further.

Application of contour

If you are ready to make makeup with the help of contouring, then following the step by step process will be very important.

The 1st step for the contouring makeup

It is very important that you use different types of brushes, so that you can properly set bronzer. It would be appropriate for you to use a fan brush or eye shadow fluffy brush on the small parts of the face. Use angled brush for the big parts of your face.

2nd step

The second step is to highlight, which will give a bright effect on your face. Once highlighting the show through highlights, this will look even look attractive. Use the highlighter and drag it forward towards your eyes.

3rd step

Use Highlighters to check that which highlighter will be more attractive on your face. You will look good with different colors of your different clothes. Women generally like pink color, which is a shimmery finish. You can also add a golden undertone. You should use cream highlighter because it will set well with your skin.

4th step

Also apply a little highlights with your foundation, as this will bring a new glow on your skin.


How to Contour Your Face in Easy Steps at Home

Tips for getting contour done effective

Choose a foundation that matches your skin color. Do not choose such a foundation that is match with your skin. If you use the same color foundation, then your skin tone will be the same. You need to use the foundation well on your face and throat.

Deeper shade foundation

Once you use a light foundation with your face, the next step will be when you use the  deeper foundation with the color of your skin. This is the method of applying make-up in which your cheek bone will appear quite sharp. With the help of this process, your face look quite thin. If you do not have the deep Foundation with your skin tone, then use copper color or deep eye shadow.

Lighter shade foundation

Because highlights will be made in both, light and dark formulations. So now use the foundation which is light with your skin color. If you do not have a light foundation, use concealers. If you are using cream makeup, then just use the cream and if it is a powder make-up, then just use everything as a powder.

Blending brush

You must also keep in mind that the right choice of blending brush is very important, because without using it your skin will appear unevenly. With the help of Blending Bra, you can combine the Foundation with a good face, so that the look is natural. You can also get the help of brush or fingers to complete the work of blending.

Application step 1

In the middle of your forehead, place a light foundation above the nose and lips. Use it at your cheeks too. Use the deep foundation now on your forehead below the hair. Along with this, apply it to the nose from under the eyebrows. Apply this foundation well on the hollow part of your cheeks.

Step 2

Blending is also essential for your makeup, otherwise your skin will not look natural. You can take the help of brush or fingers to complete this process of blending. During blending, keep in mind that do not spread much. Blend the corners well so that your makeup looks attractive and natural. Once you blend well then give a final touch to your makeup. Use highlighter to improve your beauty. Use the Highlighter exactly where you used the Light Foundation.

Step 3

After this use the matte setting powder because it will help creambase the natural look. You can also provide fine finishing from this powder. If you are going somewhere at night, then use a shimmer as well. Good options can prove. Applying shimmery face powder is a good idea. Use it in small amounts on your throat.

Follow these easy tips and get a beautiful and glam look.


How to Contour Your Face in Easy Steps at Home
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