Bride skin care routine. Get glowing skin at home

Every girl wants to look beautiful in her wedding. For this, many Brides start Beauty Practices with expensive packages of Beauty Parlour, before 6 months of marriage. Through this treatment, they also seem to be quite beautiful, but this beauty does not last much longer, and with some passing time, it starts to get like before.


It is also possible that many times the treatment does not suit the skin. And the face looks bad after some time. But today we will tell you how the brides should adopt a skincare routine sometime before getting married so that they do not have to take expensive Beauty Treatments.

1. Do the cleaning

The bride should clean her face every day. This will keep your face oil free and the moisturizer will remain intact. It is also important to periodically exfoliate so that moisture in the face and the dirt hidden inside that’s gets cleaned up inside.

2. Do the scrub

You should also scrub the face sometimes to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. Keep in mind that only mild scrub on the face. This will not increase your pores size. Cleaning the face daily will eliminate the fear of having pimples on the face.

3. Apply sunscreen

During winter wedding, many brides have trouble skin tanning. The problem is that they take expensive D-Tan packages from the beauty parlor. Even though this package may bring the glow for some time in the skin but this effect remains only for a few days. It is very important for this. It is very necessary that you should apply sunscreen even during the winter season. Because the way the UV rays arises from the sun. As it comes out of the fog also, the skin causes the reason for tanning. Therefore, in the winter season, gel based sunscreen should be applied, it will keep your skin hydrated. Keep in mind that sunscreen After 10 to 15 minutes after applying it came out of the house so that it is well set.

4. Apply Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer on the face every 3 hours to keep moisture the skin in winter season. In fact, the skin becomes dirty in this season and starts getting tired after being dry. Occasionally there is a transition in such skin. If you are about to get married, you should start moisturizing the skin well before 6 months.

5. Do not use creamy products

Do not use too much creamy products before marriage. This blocks the skin pores and the pimples come. If you replace cream based products and use gel-based products, you will not have to face this problem. Try that the product used in the face is gel-based. This will also keep your skin hydrated.

6. Do not Make Heavy Makeup

Avoid makeup as soon as possible before marriage. Do not make too heavy makeup at all. Actually, making more make-up makes the face skin worse. If you have to make a make-up on some occasion, instead of making a heavy base, CC cream should be used. This will also give your face touch up and you will also be prevented by putting too much cosmetic on your face.

7. Put Face Packs

You can clean your skin too, but unless you make a good face pack on your face, your face will not glow. So whenever you clean your face, then apply face packs on the face, it will remove dullness to your face and give a natural glow on the face.


Bride skin care routine. Get glowing skin at home

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