Essential makeup tips and trick for beginners.

We take care of many things while doing makeup. Use expensive product and spend a lot of time but still we have some minor mistakes that we don’t pay attention but others pay attention. That’s why it’s very important for our personality.

Avoid these small mistakes while making makeup

1. The biggest mistake is to ignore your entire look. Of course, no one is watching you, yet what goes on keeping cleanliness and good preparation for your happiness.

2. It is also so bad smell with mouth. Of course you can become a tiptop, but if your mouth smells, then all the beauty will be stuck. Therefore, do whatever is necessary to remove the stench.

3. Of course you do not pay attention to your teeth, but do not forget that peoples attention at your smile. So keep your teeth clean so that you look attractive.

4. It is the biggest mistake to ignore hands while doing makeup, so take care of the beauty of the hands. Always put lotions or creams on hands, which will keep hands soft. Keep the nails clean as well. Beautifully decorated nails with gold and diamond stones, gives you a glam look.

5. If you don’t know to make eyebrows, then go to the Parlour and make it. If the hair has gone too much by mistake, then place a eyebrow pencil there.

6. Do not place the foundation layers. By doing so, the look will be damaged, the pores will also be closed and the fine lines and wrinkles will look deeper.

7. It is also a big mistake to not make a makeup properly. Fine lines also look deeper because the makeup is not blended properly. To get a completely natural look, foundation, eye shadow and blush should be blended well.

8. Do not keep the makeup in the night, by doing this, the hair follicles are closed and start freckle on the face.


Essential makeup tips and trick for beginners.

Avoid Hair Mistakes 

1. If you are coloring the hair, then pay attention to their care. That is, as the hair grow, touch up the roots.

2. Do not think that the hair color of the model like the hair color box is shown, the same color will be on your hair. There are many reasons for color changing, like they have been permed or taken any other treatment. If the color of your hair does not match the hair color model, it means that the natural color of your hair is different.

3. Do not bind the hair too tightly to the back There may be pain in the head and it also does not make a special look of the face.


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